2021 saw us mark a mini milestone here at Dot to Dot Training & Consultancy….it’s our sixth year in business. Hoorah! 

Not a double-figure milestone, granted. Stepping out of traditional employment to create a training and consultancy business dedicated to working with impactful charities and social enterprises remains one of the best decisions I have ever made – I even managed to hold a meeting at Buckingham Palace! 

 I feel privileged daily to work alongside ambitious sector leaders and social entrepreneurs working tirelessly to pave a better future for marginalized groups and communities. 

Over these last six years I have worked with so many organisations working away on complex and deeply entrenched social issues, on the flip side, I have met some truly inspiring and courageous CEOs, Chairs, front line staff and volunteers – huge shout out to you all. 

I have written hundreds of case studies for beneficiaries whose determination and resilience I have the utmost respect for – bigger shout out to them. 

Alongside, running Dot to Dot I have a young family and our conversations have been enriched with discussion on some of the most pressing social justice issues from homelessness, criminal justice, housing, policing, LGBTQIA+* rights, young people’s employment, health and wellbeing, unaccompanied asylum seekers and migrants through to food banks supporting families in crisis. 

All of these conversations have been fuelled by the realities of what I learnt that day, ultimately we have realised that the need for social justice is as pertinent as ever in our society.

I am excited about the future for Dot to Dot as we carry on delivering our work with charities and social enterprises. 

We’ve taken our business birthday as an opportunity to reflect on all the good work we’ve accomplished over the years – and the infographic paints a pretty decent picture! There’s no denying, a heck of a lot of coffee has been consumed! That said, we’d like to celebrate this milestone with you by sending out some specially created coffee from our friends Crude Coffee Roasters. 

If you’d like to get your hands on some quality coffee to see you through the festive period, please do the following and we’ll post some bags out to you:

  1. Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn 
  2. Complete our training survey here 
  3. When your beautiful coffee bag arrives, share a photo on Twitter or LinkedIn using the hashtag #FuelledbyDTD 

What’s next for Dot to Dot?

We have a number of exciting projects coming up in 2022 which we’ll share with you in the New Year. If you prefer receiving news and updates about our services directly into your inbox, you can subscribe here

For now, we’re looking forward to switching off and enjoying the festive break with family.

Merry Christmas everyone, and wishing you a Happy New Year. 

Simon Pickering – Director/ Founder